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 Expert in Numbering Globally 


Toll Free and Local

Wide range of solutions such as DID, toll-free and 2 way voice. Direct connectivity with most of the large European operators  and enterprise-grade connectivity. Download our coverage list to see where we can get you connected!


Premium Rate

Unparalleled offering of premium rate numbers for wide range of use cases. Best coverage in the market in Europe and globally. Download our coverage list to see where we can help you monetise!

Communication Tower


Global Premium Telecom (GPT) is a leading voice provider of for numbering services and connectivity for various customers around the globe. GPT is the spin off of Telserv, and has been offering its services since 2000.


As a content creator, you can take advantage of our world class services platform and start generating revenue today! We are always interested in new business opportunities and partnerships.

Mobile Phone


Global Premium Telecom has been offering its services for almost 20 years  and across the globe. Our experience and knowledge will support you seamless connectivity across countries and navigate through the complex regulations 

Global Premium Telecom offers you a portal in which you are able to manage your numbers, edit destinations and termination and download full reporting. This will enable  you to start a business or opportunity from scratch!

In need of local, geographical numbers or International Toll Free? Anywhere in the world, please reach out and get the best prices and reliability that you need for your clients.

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Globalization concept
Business Meeting


Domestic Premium Rate numbers are numbers that are restricted to its place of origin and are used to provide services with added value. The tariffs are higher than usual and the amount paid is forwarded to the service provider as payment.


Shared Cost numbers give your business a professional look and feel and the impression that your company operates on a bigger scale. Shared Cost numbers are billed both to the end consumer and the businesses that utilise them.


GPT has a tremendous track record in the business of Premium Rate numbers and is connected with the most trusted providers around the globe. This will make sure outpayments are always according to what we have agreed!

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